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Incoming information is always coming at us. More than ever in history are we absorbing information at a very high rate. It comes at us 24 hours a day. Even while we sleep our senses and mind still is affected by the outside world. During my studies I ran into a man who made jewelry that helped to absorb certain frequencies that are constantly bombarding us. With all of the towers and electronics around the world we have disturbed the base frequency of Earth which is 7.83 Hz.
When you discover something new your only goal is to introduce it to humanity and if it takes we are start implementing that change. Each and every one of us has a certain genius within us that helps us to solve problems. We can choose to solve those problems by concentrating and outputting certain frequencies.
This article and soon to be success manual doesn't quite have enough room to really go into detail on the frequencies and scientific theory. I believe that would take a whole new book. Right now, to help your frequencies make sure you start outputting the information you want to get back. When you write down a goal try speaking it aloud as often as possible but at least two times a day. The first in the morning and the last right before bed. If you are a brave soul and really want a change now start doing this multiple times a day.
Your mind will have no choice but to find a solution for you. Many people want to change this world. Each and every person has that opportunity if they do not get stuck in, "the every day." A person must put forth the effort if they want a change to occur. Only recently have I really been putting together precisely the ideas that I want to so that I can make this world a better place than what I came into.
What choice do you want to make? A person must question once in a while if they are on the right path. That right path is understood once you begin flowing into what only you can do. I have seen such great strength in people. You never know what may be around the corner but you can do your best to prepare the life that you want to live.
Feel with every fiber of your being. Something will grow. You will feel a pull. At first it may be scary but hold on because you are about to live the life that you have so completely dreamt it appears. Someone needs to succeed to keep the rest of us sane so it may as well be you. You are so very special and you need to use what you have inside. Use it to make this world a better place because you did share your ideas, music, books, inventions or even your personality.

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