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To All Freshers (A Must Read) The Dilapidated State of Hostel At Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa.

First and foremost i will want to use this opportunity to congratulate all the newly admitted students on their success in gaining admission to one of the profound institution of learning in the middle-belt region of Nigeria.
As we all know it is common for every tertiary institution in Nigeria to have halls of residence for their newly admitted students as well as their returning students, so also is case for the Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa .Quickly, let’s go to the main reason for this post, I will want the students of this institution to identify with the fact that the institution has to halls of residence; the student village ,which is situated along the local governments market and the famous Makama Dogo hostel and Living in any of the residence comes with both advantages and disadvantages, below are some of the advantages that comes with  them.
THE STUDENT VILLAGE: the student village as it is popularly called is believed basically to be for the big boys and girls, the fun loving students, don’t quote me wrong, there are also serious students living there as records has it that distinction students also come from those halls of residence. Reasons why students prefer living there to Makama Dogo are basically because the basic amenities there are at least in a manageable state compared to those of the Makama Dogo halls of residence and most often the students have access to the Student Union Government, hence they could easily lay their complains and such complains will be given due attention compared to those living at the Makama Dogo residence.
      Having stated its advantages I will want to state some of its disadvantages
High cost of transporting yourself to school on a daily basis and the trauma of having to squeeze yourself into the subsidized SUG buses before getting to school in the morning, and as student no matter how financially buoyant you are, there is always a point when you will be broke or when you will have to catch an early morning test or lectures, those are usually the trying times for most students living there.
There are high tendencies where one could be easily distracted by the various activities going on there, as most of the school departmental parties and social functions are hosted at the student village. 
Having listed this few point I will want to say one or two things about the other hall of residence
THE MAKAMA DOGO HALL OF RESIDENCE: the hall of residence comprises of three different blocks; block A , block B and block C, having spent time in one of the blocks I will advise the students to strive to live in block B even though it’s not in their power to choose but remember there is nothing prayer cannot do. The advantages of this hostel include;
Easy access to school as the halls of residence are very close to the school, no need for transportation expenses, all you need to do is pick up your bag in the morning and dash to class majestically
The distractions in this blocks are limited compared to its rival hostels, there are usually no social function going on there, so if your primary aim is your books, then I will recommend Makama Dogo for you.  
Having stated this few advantages i will also want to state some of the major disadvantages .Below are the disadvantages of living in Makama Dogo
Poor building facilities: as someone who has stayed in this halls of residence i think i have every right to say a few things which i will say i didn’t enjoy during my glory days at the institution, starting with the loo (toilets), the states are in a very bad condition, they are near collapse especially those of the block A and block C,at least that of the block B is a little bit manageable. i could still remember one of the ordeal that happened where a student went to defecate and afterwards try using water to flush it, unknown to him the pipes connecting the WC to the sockaways are not in the best condition, that was how the whole thing splashed on a well-dressed student going to school, it wasn’t funny at all.
This point is specifically related with block A and C where students live with dangerous animals like snakes and wild bees, times without number were students stung by bees  and I could still remember vividly when snake as big as a man’s arm was killed in one of the blocks, luckily the serpent has not wrecked any havoc yet.
Having said all these, the ball is in your court, you have a choice to make but i will give this simple advice choose wisely. Thank you for your time and GOD bless. Wish you all a wonderful stay.
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This Article was written by an Ex-Student of the Institution who likes to remain Anonymous.
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