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Female Harrasement
Female Gender

Almost everything is African countries is done with risk, eating, living and even schooling especially for the female gender. They are been consider as weak and due to this point a lot of people take them for granted the more.
Let talk about female harassment in African universities. How on earth will a lecture who is meant to be a role model, a great example to be followed turned to someone who is leading the student astray. 
That's apart because I'm not here to glorify the unethical act they practice rather I'm here to talk about how to curb it. 

1.  Setting up Female gender abuse organisation

I heard we have an organisation who stand against female gender abuse in the country but I'm baffled because you will hardly see them take action against all this inhuman male who destroy the fruitfulness of the society. If an organisation who everyone recognises their function as one standing against female gender abuse is set up and they are firm in the society all this act of abuse of female student will reduce drastically. 

2. Questioning about lecturer from students 

I do not mean unintelligent questioning of student about lecturer, a question that will lead to finding out some basic root of a lecturer's personalities  should be asks from student often. This is how the institution will know who to root out of the institution yearly. I offer no apology for this because I am more concerned with the future of my girls. This questions needs to be asked by learned sets of people, not people who can't arrive at  tangible detection. 

3. Reducing the posing power of lecturers

How on earth will a lecturer be teaching a particular course for almost  eight years. So student gets to feel they have no option than to dance to his rhythms In order to pass this course offered by him. I bet things like this do not happy in western countries. Apart from the part  that they take the life of their female students seriously. No lecturer is allowed to take a course for up to eight years. Why should we be having a god father of a course? A God father in the university faculty? 
All this increases the level of female gender abuse if they are not taken care of. 

4. Institutions should set up counsellor .

Imagine if every institution has a set up counseling section for female gender abuse,  it will make things more easier for the girls, they will have someone they can confide in before the case of harassment goes too far. I will like to set an example of a female harassment charges which went viral in the university of Ilorin, the case of one Mr idiagon, who successfully harassed a female student at several times, Before  the lady in question was able to find a way out of this bondage. Imagine if a counselor for female abuse is available in the university
 someone this students can confide in. It will be easier to fish out the lecturer harassing them. Because the institution doesn't provide counsellor for this section. A lot of female student has gone astray. 

5.No mercy judgement

I will love to refer back to the case of Mr Idiagon of the university of Ilorin, who harassed a student and of course he left the school without facing the panel. When things like this happens, it makes all this lecturer who practices all forms of unethical act feel they can do whatever they like to female student without them having to pay for it. For example I'm India, if you are caught raping a female gender, you will be sentenced to instant death by hanging,  why can't such happen in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 
Let safe the future put our girls. 

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