}); NECO June/July SSCE Registration Guidelines – 2017/2018 - Nigeria Education Blog Gives you the Latest on Scholarships,Jamb,Waec/Neco .Success Tips NECO June/July SSCE Registration Guidelines – 2017/2018 - Nigeria Education Blog Gives you the Latest on Scholarships,Jamb,Waec/Neco .Success Tips

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NECO June/July SSCE Registration Guidelines – 2017/2018


National Examinations Council, NECO: Guidelines for the 2017 June/July Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) Registration. Registration fee for 2017 June/July SSCE is N11,350.00 (Eleven Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Naira) only per candidate.
Principals/Commandants of Schools are hereby informed that only candidates in their final year of the Senior Secondary School (i.e. SS3) are eligible for registration. For the avoidance of doubt, the 2016 June/July SSCE is meant for only school based candidates in Nigeria and overseas. It is not meant for private candidates. Principals/Commandants of Schools and Ministries of Education should endeavour to enforce the eligibility condition.
The following are the registration procedures for Principals/Commandants of schools presenting bona-fide candidates for 2017 June/July SSCE.
  1. Entry Schedules and Customized CD:
    School Principals/Commandants are to collect Entry Schedules, Subjects’ Analysis form and Customized CD-ROM for their SS3 Candidates from NECO Offices in their respective States. The collected CD is usable for one year registration period, and it’s not transferable.
  2. Installation of the Software and Registration:Schools shall install the customized registration software on their internet enabled laptop/Desktop and thereafter, commence registration and biometrics information of all candidates presented for SSCE registration.
  3. Completion of Entry Schedule, Purchase of Scratch Cards and Registration:
    1. The carbonized Entry Schedules are to be completed in duplicate and submitted at the point of purchase of Registration Scratch Cards.
    2. Pin Numbers/Scratch Cards are to be purchased at the respective NECO State Offices on the presentation of the following:
      1. Evidence of payments made into NECO Treasury Single Account (TSA) from any of the Commercial Banks for the total number of candidates presented.
      2. Completed original and duplicate copies of the Entry Schedules duly endorsed by State Ministry of Education. (All schools, except Federal Government Institutions, must have their Entry Schedules endorsed by the relevant Department of the State Ministries of Education). Private schools are not exempted from this condition.
      3. Completed Subject Analysis forms.
      4. Items i, ii and iii above should be submitted latest by Monday 13th February, 2017 to be able to collect registration cards..
    3. Schools shall upload their registered candidates to NECO website mynecoexams.com.
    4. The Number of Candidates Data to be uploaded must match the number of Candidates on the Scratch Cards purchased.
    5. Details of the Registration Procedure are available on the Manual distributed on the website, and the CDs
    6. Schools should endeavour to monitor their registration process properly to minimize errors
    7. Please NOTE that once the names of candidates are filled on the Entry Schedule and submitted after registration, the Council does NOT GRANT OUTRIGHT REPLACEMENT OF REGISTERED CANDIDATE with UNREGISTERED ONE i.e NO REPLACEMENT OF NAME AFTER REGISTRATION.
Registration fee for 2017 June/July SSCE is N11,350.00 (Eleven Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Naira) Only per candidate and Stamp Duty of N50.00 (Fifty Naira) only per school.
The minimum number of candidates to be registered by a school is 20 (Twenty). Any school registering less than twenty candidates shall pay a surcharge of N40,000.00 (Forty Thousand Naira) Only.
  • Photo-albums are to be purchased in pairs. Each photo album has a provision for 171 candidates. A page has a provision for nine candidates and there are nineteen pages. A pair of photo album cost N1,200.00 (One Thousand and Two Hundred Naira Only). The candidates photographs pasted in the two photo albums MUST BE THE SAME WITH THE ONE USED FOR ON-LINE REGISTRATION.
  • After completion, one copy of the photo album is to be submitted to NECO State Office while the school retains the other copy.
School Principals/Commandants shall return a copy of the downloaded on-line data of registered candidates to NECO Office in their respective States.
  • The registration period is between Monday 28th 2016 and Monday 27th March. 2017.
  • The website will be closed on Monday 27th 2017 at 12.00 midnight. Late registration will not be entertained.
  • The last date for return of downloaded statistics of the registered candidates by schools to respective NECO State Offices is Monday 3rd 2017.

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