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University Senate, Student Union release statements

University of Ibadan (UI) students' protest

The ongoing crisis between the management and student union of the University of Ibadan has taken a new format; press releases.

The University of Ibadan's management and the Student Union have been back-and-forthing with press releases and we're here to look through them.
All of this began, when on Monday, May 29, the students staged a protest demanding that the management provide students with ID cards and allow them use electrical cooking appliances in the hostels.
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What followed was a suspension of the student union, and the shutting down of the school.
The University Senate released a press release regarding the state of events, just as the Student Union released one to counter it.

Head to Head.

The University Senate addressed the ID card issue, saying:
"Management has tried to explain to students the challenges with delay in production of their Smart Identity Cards. The new chip-based smart ID card has multiple functionality as it can be used for identification, access control, attendance system, library facility usage, login access to computers, payment for services, e-learning and medical information storage."
University of Ibadan (UI) students' protestplay
University of Ibadan (UI) students' protest

But the statement by the Student Union President reads:
"At the Congress, it was resolved among others, that the Student's Identity Card, which is a standing levy in the Fees of every Student must be received before Examinations commence, and every  parent, even the school management knows the simple nature of contracts- that where consideration has been paid, contract has been made."
"In fact, even when the fees fraudulently skyrocketed for no given reason from 650naira last session to 2000naira this session, an increment of over 200percent, Uites still remained patient."
"But this has led to our students going through serious security harassment from members of the Nigerian Police Force outside the University environment. Many of our members have even lost credible scholarship and grant opportunities just because they couldn't identify themselves properly as Students. Afterall, anyone can claim to be a Student, only the Identity Card tells the difference."
Ojo Aderemi, the President of the now suspended Student Union of the University of IbadanplayOjo Aderemi, the President of the Student Union (uitesconnect)

The Management asked for more time from the Student Union:
"The Management met with leadership of the students union on Sunday 28 May 2017. An appeal was made by the Management that the students should give peace a chance."
But the Student Union said:
"It was on this basis that the generality of students, in peaceful manner, organised ourselves  and proceeded on a peaceful protest on Democracy Day, May 29, 2017. Not one person was flogged, no shop was looted, no stone was thrown, no bottle broken, infact, the Students marched with our hands in the air, just like Martin Luther King Jr and his followers did."
"Let it be known at this juncture that the University echelon was well intimated of the proposed protest, and even the honourable Vice-Chancellor had requested a night before that the protest be delayed so he could address the Congress and concede to our demands."
"In light of this, myself and the Honourable Speaker intentionally stalled at the Congress, awaiting the presence of Mr Vice-Chancellor, but we waited in vain, as he did not pick his call again when dialled several times."
But the management insists that the students caused utter chaos:
"On Monday, 29 May 2017, a group of students led by Ojo Aderemi, President Students’ Union, went round the Halls of Residence and Faculties to mobilise students for demonstration.
"Meanwhile, there were reports from the Campus Security Service that the demonstrating students led by their President, Ojo Aderemi, broke the glass door of the office of Dr Ojuawo of the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science."
"The Lecturer who was in the office at the time of the incident also alleged that he was harassed by the demonstrating students."
The demonstrating team eventually took off from the Students’ Union Building at about 10.00 hours and went straight to the Main Gate of the University and then blocked the Ojoo-UI-Oyo Road. A free flow of traffic was totally grounded. Commercial activities in the area were also grounded.
University of Ibadan (UI) students' protestplay
University of Ibadan (UI) students' protest

The Oyo State Commissioner of Police arrived the scene and took time to plead with the students to vacate the highway but the students refused to yield.
There was a real threat to live and property and possible hijack by hoodlums and other miscreants from the neighbouring Agbowo community.
While the protest was going on, the Vice-Chancellor tried to monitor the situation. He got in touch on phone with the Commissioner of Police. The Commissioner informed the Vice-Chancellor that the students insisted that the Vice-Chancellor should come to the scene of their protest at UI Gate/Agbowo to address them as the only condition to reconsider their blockade of the highway
In the end, the school authorities resolved that the Student Union and Student Representative Council be suspended. The Union's constitution and faculty associations likewise, will be reviewed.
The University Senate also added that the ID cards that will eventually be issued will not be a per-session ID card, but one that'd last throughout the period of study.Comedian becomes first African comedy channel to hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube

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