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Five Facts You Need To Know About Covenant University

5 misconceptions about the students of this school
Many individuals who think they know maybe a couple things about Covenant University understudies hold certain misguided judgments about them.

This might be so on the grounds that their school is profoundly connected with a religious element and numerous individuals appear to see and judge the understudies of the organization from that religious point of view.

Agreement University understudies, similar to each other youthful Nigerians in tertiary establishments encounter grounds life.

In spite of the fact that they may as understudies in a religious foundation need their Bible close as their books, this does not mean a portion of the feelings individuals hold about them are right.

1. They have no social life 

One of the most grounded confusions about Covenant University understudies is that they are socially dead understudies who are bolted up on their grounds just to go to addresses and sermons.

A few people additionally trust that CU understudies are social mavericks in light of the fact that their school administration does not enable them to go to parties or arrange festivals.

Nah, this is totally inaccurate. CU understudies may really not go to parties like UNILAG understudies or compose grounds festivals like understudies of the University of Ibadan, yet this does not make them socially dead.

Notwithstanding the social exercises in different colleges, there are still understudies that are socially unbalanced. Being amiable isn't an element of grounds gatherings and jubilees.

2. They are the congregation going write 

Numerous individuals likewise have a tendency to trust that all pledge college understudies are churchy parcels, who consider religious dedication more important than their scholastic duty.

Lie, lie. This isn't valid. Going to chapel programs is really one of the standards at Covenant University, it doesn't mean the understudies go to chapel all day, every day.

CU understudies aren't churchy as you may accept. A great deal of them just go to the congregation programs since it is the college rules, which they need to comply.

The school itself makes it clear in its statement of purpose that it is focused on creating industry pioneers. (not churchy graduates)

Also, in the event that you think, Covenant University are church-going composes, go to different colleges. The University of Benin needed to as of late boycott partnerships on grounds. Why? Since as indicated by the school administration, distinctive association gather jump up without fail.

3. They are trust-finance kids 

Agreement University is a standout amongst the most costly private organizations in Nigeria. Its educational cost expenses run from N817,500 to N882,500.

Costly? Truly. Furthermore, this is the reason numerous trust Covenant University understudies are trust-subsidize kids, who depend on their folks' riches as opposed to diligent work as a profession.

This is an unwarranted claim like others. Some CU understudies have their own methods for money even as understudies. A considerable measure of them have the chance of picking up work instantly after graduation.

What's more, with the nature of instruction and preparing they get, you don't anticipate that businesses not will rate them above understudies who moved on from organizations that are messed with ASUU strike each year. Thus, not all Covenant University graduates depend on their folks' riches.

Understudies that are not permitted to gathering or see life outside of their grounds will undoubtedly be socially ungainly. This is the thing that a few people consider Covenant University understudies.

Be that as it may, I ask to oppose this idea. Nigerian acclaimed exciting artist, Simi is an alum of this religious organization and she isn't socially unbalanced.

Moreover, CU understudies are not completely removed of social exercises. They appreciate grounds life as much as Federal University understudies do.

Like different schools, CU composes appears for its understudies. Former student like Olu Salako, prominently known as Boda Wasiu on Instagram found himself as an entertainer at Covenant University.

Another comics, Victor Ebiye and the Big Brother Naija star, DeeOne both moved on from Covenant University. These folks can't be socially unbalanced and still end up in media outlets.

5. They don't buckle down for their evaluations 

Numerous individuals likewise have a tendency to trust that state funded colleges understudies work harder than their private college partners and that is the reason it is more hard to make top of the line degree openly tertiary organizations.

Clutching a conviction like this is an endeavor to decrease the diligent work of private college speakers and their understudies.

Agreement University is doing alright to create add up to graduates.

Also, a foundation that requests 100 percent consistence from understudies to the tenets of the school won't take pride in producing half supported graduates. I am certain a few of us concur that Covenant University is a standout amongst other tertiary establishments in Nigeria.

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