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(Sex Scandal)OAU Student Monica Osagie Narrates How it All Happened-See Photo

Osagie said she helped the professor edit his book, adding that she saw him as her mentor.
Student in OAU sex for mark scandal narrates how it all happened

Monica Osagie, the understudy in sex for check outrage has opened up on what truly happened. 

In a meeting with CNN, Osagie said she helped the educator alter his book, including that she considered him to be her coach. 

Notwithstanding, the man needed progressively and she said that she wound up awkward with the relationship. 

She said "We really altered the book together... At that point, the following thing he let me know was, 'Would you be able to date me? 

"I resembled, 'No.' He resembled, 'Why?' I stated, 'One, I don't date teachers, and furthermore, you are more developed than I am." 

Talking further, Osagie said that the teacher gave her low blemishes deliberately, so she would consent to lay down with him. 

"He continued calling me to inquire as to whether I was prepared to acknowledge his proposition. Along these lines, I chose to record our next discussion," she included. 

Recording spills 

The discussion amongst Osagie and the man asserted to be Professor Akindele Richard was released online on Monday, April 9, 2018. 

In the account, a man was heard telling the woman that he will engage in sexual relations with her five times previously he builds her exam score. 

Osagie anyway denies releasing the sound chronicle, adding that she submitted it to the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) administration. 

OAU recognizes Professor 

As indicated by CNN, the college experts issued an announcement on their site recognizing the man in the sound chronicle as Professor Akindele Richard. 

The announcement peruses: "Teacher Richard I. Akindele, of the division of administration and bookkeeping, is presently settled to be the teacher in the dubious "imprints for sex" sound chronicle. The female voice has likewise been distinguished as that of Miss Monica Osetobe Osagie, a postgraduate understudy on the Master of Business Administration Regular program." 

Open provocation 

Osagie likewise revealed to CNN that she has confronted a great deal of feedback via web-based networking media. 

She said that individuals have confronted her out and about and blamed her for tempting the teacher. 

As per her, "A person came up to me at the bank and stated, 'Is this not the young lady who annoyed a teacher?' and he called me a whore. The security monitor at that point needed to push me away to go pull back my cash inside the bank." 

She anyway said that she is upbeat that she could stand up, including that it will help different women experiencing a similar issue to turn out. 

"I am really upbeat I turned out. I am helping numerous women that have experienced a similar thing I have experienced, and a large portion of them can't discuss it. 

"They are terrified of turning out in broad daylight. Be that as it may, I know it happens all over the place, not simply in Nigeria. For me, talking up will bring more ladies to talk and destroy what is going on around young ladies and more established men. 

"There is no work or ... instruction that is justified regardless of your respect. I will continue saying that," she included. 

Osagie was additionally welcomed by an investigative board to reveal more insight into what happened amongst her and the educator. 

Her legal counselor, Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi who was at the board sitting with her, said that more casualties have reached his customer to impart their experience to a similar educator. 


OAU's representative, Abiodun Olarewaju, while talking on the result of the board, said the college gathering give a last decision on the issue. 

Olarewaju said "What is being researched is the claim leveled by the understudy against her speaker. The college's gathering will settle on a ultimate conclusion on the report the bad habit chancellor has submitted working on this issue. 

"This is a direct result of the bore of the speaker included." 

In the mean time, Prof Akindele has been suspended after the suggestion of the advisory group in their between time report.

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